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Crave Media has been apart of many shows over the years. Our focus is on natural history documentary, but we have been involved in much more. Here are some of our clients, many ofthe shows and just a little about what we have done for each:

Ibiza - Gary Sanchez Productions - Feature

Red Epic-W / Red Epic-M based Netflix feature shot in Serbia and Croatia. Using two Fotokem rigs we provided all of the dailies. The on-set DIT would provide CDLs from set which were applied to all dailies. Tech support and additional colour correction was provide to set/DIT.


First Direct - We Are Social - Commercial

Red Epic-W 8k camera. Colour Science and workflow guidance was laid out in the pre-production stages along with sample LUTs from the DOP. Custom LUTs were generated on set and all footage was synced with Resolve and One-Lighted for dailies. All video village monitors were calibrated pre-shoot with LUT boxes.

Lee & Dean 2017 - Bingo Films - TV Comedy

The first series of Lee and Dean was shoot on two Sony F5s. We provided an onset DIT and offered camera setup including LUT routing within camera, media ingest and verification, syncing in SilverStack and Resolve to audio rushes, metadata input and colour correction including SLOG3.CINE to REC709 LUT with adjustments thereafter. ProRes LT and H.264 files were also generated on set. Full workflow and post hardware recommendations were also included during the pre and production sections of the show.

Visit Britain 2017 - Irresistible Films - Commercial

Filming in Wales, Manchester, Scotland and London using two Arri Alexa Plus’. Our role was a combination of DIT and edit assistanting. All rushes were verified, QCed with tech issues relayed back to the camera departments and resolved, and synced in FCPx. Rushes were delivered back to post during the shoot. BTS footage from a Canon 5dMkIV was also captured and QCed during the 10 day production.

Isle of Jaws - Red Rock Films - Broadcast

In 2016 Matt Hutchings assisted Red Rock Films in creating one of the flagship shows for Discovery's 2016 Shark Week. Primarily working alongside Andy Casagrande in an effort to assist him in the choppy waters of Western Australia as he documented a large group of male Great White sharks.

We also played a heavy role in capturing the virtual reality footage throughout the show. This consisted of topside and underwater VR rigs. Much of the footage from this was heavily distributed through the Discovery VR app and Isle of Jaws itself.

At the back end of the production we managed every frame and waveform carefully ensuring every second we captured was backed up and avalible for review. Unlike the majority of media management workflows, we ensure perfect duplicate copies are made using various techniques and checksome software along the way. Having expereince in multiple formats also enables us to pick up when cameras and formats are following the outlined tech spec which, when caught early, have save hours of time and money in post production. 

Eden / One Born Every Minute / Marines - Evolutions - Broadcast

Evolutions are one of the biggest and best post production facilities within the United Kingdom. They have created a live ingest rig which has been utilised across many fix rig producitons across the years. It has been our priviledge and joy to work on a varity of these shows offering ingest operator services on location to aid in the running and maintenance of the Avid based record rig.

In 2016 we had the chance to work on Evolutions lastest and greatest version of their ingest solution on Channel 4s flagship rig show Eden produced by Keo North. Running consecutively over 12 months, it is undoubtably the UKs longest and largest fixed rig show every produced. 

Other productions have inclued; One Born Every Minute; Marines; Holiday Makers; Educating London and  The Million Pound Drop.

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