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The Intent 2: The Come Up
Prequel the the successful 2016 film 'The Intent'. 
Crave Media come on bored PurpleGekos production in pre-production and developed a workflow that suited all the way to online. 
Our DIT provided data management and colour services in both London and Jamaica.
British Famous: The Self-Help Guru
Diane Morgan is British Famous.
Will becoming a mindfulness guru in Wales lead her to fame in America? Spoiler alert. No.
Data Management rig and operator provided data services in London, Wales and Scotland.
BBC Learning - The Woman in Black - Plot | English Literature
Suitable for teaching 14-16s. The plot of The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is explored through a mixture of police case-conference discussion and dramatised re-enactments of key moments in the novel.
Lee & Dean
Please, whatever you do, don't let your kids watch this clip. These cowboy builders are funny, but they pack in those naughty words.
Our DIT provided data management and colour services across the UK.
One Born Every Minute
A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff.
Using Gorilla and Evolutions data management rigs across 5 sessions.